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16 to 19 Tuition fund statement (2021-2022)

School Name BOA Stage & Screen Academy

Proportion of students retaking English and Maths in Post-16

10.8% (English)
19.2% (Mathematics)

16 to 19 Tuition Fund Allocation 


Academic year or years covered by statement 


Publish date 

Autumn Term 2021

Statement authorised by 

Vice Principal 


Disadvantaged 16 to 19 student barriers in English and Maths:

  • The first national lockdown (January to March 2020) 
  • The 3-month period of education when students worked from home
  • The after-effects of the national lockdown (March to June 2020) requiring students to work from home for a 4-month period.

Progress in English and Mathematics: 

  • At Post 16, the requirement for all students who did not achieve at Grade 4 (or above) to continue with these subjects, until they achieve Grade 4 (or above) or evidence of receiving continuing provision during years 12 and 13.  
  • The national lockdowns and remote learning have created barriers, as students need face-to-face, small group teaching in order to achieve a Grade 4 and above.
  • Access to resources, including IT resources, when working remotely.
  • Access to one-to-one support when working remotely.
  • Impact on students’ self-esteem and motivation due to working in isolation during two national lockdowns


Strategy aims for 16 to 19 disadvantaged students in GCSE English and GCSE Maths:


Students are identified on entry to Year 12 at BOA Stage & Screen Academy, based on their GCSE results.  Students who have not gained Grade 4 in English and/or Mathematics.

As a non-selective academy, a significant proportion of students enrolled in September 2021 did not achieve a grade 4 or higher in English and/or Mathematics by age 16.

GCSE resit classes take place at BOA Creative, Digital and Performing Arts, another member of the Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) group. There is very little spare English and Mathematics teaching capacity, with any spare teacher hours used for one-to-one support and mentoring.  As a result, we will contribute to an expanded team of mentors providing one-to-one and small-group support to identified students. These tutors will be employed on fixed term contracts from November 2021 to June 2022 through supply or teaching agencies.  Mentors will also offer additional support during any free periods for the identified Post-16 students. 

Aim Actions Outcomes

Improve one-to-one tuition for Post 16 students in the GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics through the English and Mathematic mentors.

Employ one-to-one tutors to work with small groups of students, or one-to-one, from Nov 2021 to June 2021

Improved progress grades and exam outcomes 

Provide learning resources including revision guides and past papers 

Purchase CGP revision guides and supply to all identified students.  Ensure resources are uploaded to Microsoft Teams for students to access. 

No Post 16 student unable to access key learning 


Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils – wider curriculum needs


All learners at Post-16 are entered for the BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma – a vocational course equivalent in size to three A’ Level qualification.  Members of staff identify any students whose progress raises a concern, particularly in relation to research/theory/ written exercises for the BTEC L3 qualifications.  Teachers and tutors in conjunction with the SENCo also identify students who, even though performing above Grade 4 in GCSE English and GCSE Maths, may need extra support with organisation, accessing online learning and carrying out research.  In the current cohort, 14.5% of students are identified as having additional needs. As a small 16-19 provider with only one staff member overseeing curriculum support, we will aim to extend support for learners with identified additional needs.

Aim Actions Outcomes

Improve one-to-one tuition for Post 16 students in their vocational pathway subjects.

Members of staff make referrals to SENCo.

Underperformance identified through data snapshots and RAP meetings.

Clear action plan or outline of in-class support for students in their arts pathway courses. Improved pass rates for all students a Triple Distinction and above.

One-to-one and small group support for students and their literacy skills and/or organisational skills – especially for those with identified additional identified needs.

Triangulation between report/grade cards and analysis to identify underachievers, matched up to students with identified additional learning needs.

Improved high-grade rates for all students, regardless of their prior attainment.


Project Spending

Strategy: Costs: Full or partial contribution:

One-to-one tuition for students with additional needs in BTEC vocational programme (literacy and portfolio support)

£110 per day x 3 days per week x 24 weeks.


Contribution to additional one-to-one tuition in retake at BOA Creative, Digital and Performing Arts

£110 per day x 2 days per week x 24 weeks.


One-to-one tuition in retake GCSE English / GCSE Mathematics 

£110 per day x 1 day per week x 24 weeks.


CGP Revision Guides

GCSE English (Revision and Practice) - £6.99

GCSE Mathematics (Revision and Practice) - £12.99

Between £6.99 and £19.98 per student