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Admissions policy


​Introductory statement
BOA Stage & Screen Production is a 16-19 academy which offers a unique approach to developing creative, technical and production skills for film, television and theatre. Our courses combine knowledge, understanding and skills where students have real briefs and solve issues relating to the stage and screen industry. We will provide a range of learning experiences and networking opportunities which will prepare students for the world of work.


The Academy will have a total capacity of 400 places (full-time equivalent) for students mainly in the age range 16-19. 


Minimum study programme
All students will be expected to enrol on a programme of study comprising a minimum of 540 planned hours per year. Those students who have not achieved at least a GCSE grade 4 in both English and Maths will be required to study these GCSEs alongside their other subjects. 

Minimum Entry Requirements 
No student will be assessed on their academic ability. The assessment will be on the student’s aptitude and no other factors. Where fewer applicants than the published admission number for the relevant year group are received, the Academy will offer places at the Academy to all who applied.


Applying for places

The closing date for the first phase of applications is 31st January

Applicants should apply online via our Application Portal ( or should contact the admissions team ( if they require the form in another format.

 The Academy will consider all applications for places at BOA Stage & Screen Production Academy All applicants will be required to take the aptitude assessments.

Stage 1   -   Applicants complete and submit the application form.

Stage 2   -   Applicants are invited to attend an aptitude workshop to assess the applicant’s aptitude in (his, her, their) chosen course.

Applicants are assessed in three workshops which are interactive and allow applicants to demonstrate collaboration, motivation, innovation/creativity, problem solving and progression. The workshops are designed to offer applicants the opportunity to demonstrate potential in their chosen area of study. The aptitude workshops will be conducted by BOA Stage & Screen Production Academy staff or industry professionals.

The aptitude day will consist of three workshops and a discussion:

  • 2 group* and 1 solo activity
  • A discussion to give candidates the opportunity to talk with staff about their passions for the stage and screen industry (This activity is not assessed)

*NOTE: Applications received after the initial January deadline may result in applicants being invited to attend an individual aptitude workshop, which may not include group work (depending on numbers) however will always include three pathway specific activities.

Members of staff who oversee each aptitude workshop will be looking for the following:

  1. Innovation and creativity in the specialist area
  2. Effective communication relevant to the specialism
  3. A positive response to the learning process, ability to take direction and progression over the workshop
  4. A flexible approach to a range of specialist area contexts

Applicants will be scored on a 1 to 5 scale. Students can score a maximum of 60 marks and a minimum of 12.

Each area of the workshop will be marked out of 5 where 5 demonstrates the behaviour to a very high degree and 1 does not demonstrate the behaviour. The discussion aspect is not marked.

Members of staff have annual training to ensure all workshops assess aptitude – which is the individual’s ability to learn and develop proficiency, rather than test ability.


Equal Opportunities
The academy is committed to equal opportunities and admits students across a full spectrum of academic abilities. All students have equal access to the curriculum and the academy has a learning support programme to support students with additional learning needs.

The Academy Trust will publish a prospectus and application form. It will contain information about the arrangements for admission, including over-subscription criteria. It will include details of open evenings, information evenings and other opportunities for prospective students and their parents to gain information. The Academy Trust will also provide information in relation to BOA Stage & Screen Production to Birmingham Local Authority and other relevant LA’s for inclusion in the composite  prospectus, as required.

The closing date for the first phase of applications is 31st January 2024. Applicants should apply online via our Application Portal or should contact the admissions team ( if they require the form in another format.

When offers are made, applicants are given a date by which acceptance of the place offered must be received by BOA Stage & Screen Production. If the applicant fails to accept the place by the due date, it will be assumed that they have refused the place


Over-subscription criteria
Students will be allocated a place based on the aptitude scores, highest scores receive highest priority. If any students are tied for the final place, random allocation will be used to decide who will be admitted.


Waiting lists 
Where, in any year, the Academy receives more successful applications for places than there are places available, a waiting list will operate until the end of the first term (October 2022).  


Stage 1: A student can appeal for a second chance. Second chance aptitude tests will be conducted by the relevant department and a senior leader. During the first and second chance workshops BOA Stage & Screen staff will use their professional judgement of applicants, based on the criteria for admissions.

​Stage 2: If after the second chance workshop an applicant is not offered a place an appeal may be made in writing within 14 days of the decision being communicated to the applicant. An appeals panel consisting of three people, including a Chair who is independent of the Academy supported by a clerk who is also independent of the Academy will hear the appeal. The panel may choose to invite the applicant to gain a better understanding of the grounds for the request or because the panel wishes to ask questions of the applicant or parent/carer. 

A Stage 2 appeal may only be made on the grounds that the school has not followed its own admissions procedure. This is referred to as the “Permitted Grounds”. Any appeal not made on Permitted Grounds will not be allowed to proceed. It is therefore very important that the letter requesting an appeal under Stage 2 must state clearly how the Academy has not followed its own procedure in reaching a decision not to admit an applicant.

After careful consideration of the request and reviewing any evidence and representation made by the applicant, parent/carer and Academy, the panel will conclude by:

• Upholding the original decision not to offer a place
• Determine the applicant should be offered a place

The decision of the panel is final and will be communicated in writing.
There will be no further right of appeal at this point. 


This policy will be reviewed annually and any amended policy for the following September will be published on the academy website before the end of the preceding September (i.e. the policy for 2025 will be published in September 2024). The policy will remain on the website throughout the academy year. 


If you are unhappy with any aspect of the admission policy or appeal process you may submit a complaint, outlining your concerns to the EFA at, though you should first raise any concerns with the Academy.