BOA Stage & Screen Production



Creative | Technical | Administration & Management


All students will take part in practical group sessions, tutorials, research and work experience where they will explore the foundations of the industry in relation to their personal interests and specialisms.


We have split the areas of study into three pathways: Creative, Technical, Administration & Management. However students will have the opportunity to study units across pathways.



Acting for screen and Contemporary theatre – content creation, self-taping, audition techniques and presenting

Model Making, Sculpting, Welding

Set Design Backcloths, Multi Media Projections, Digital Scenery, Flying, Computer Generated Imagery, Digital Design Tools.

Set Building and Construction

Prop Making

Set Painting.

Set Decorating

Costume Design

Costume Making

Wardrobe Management

Wigs and Wig Management







Camera – Single, Multi, Lens, Tripod, Cables, Storage,

Lighting – Lanterns, LED’s, Multi Heads, Consoles, Special Effects.

Sound – Stage Electrics, Microphones, Sound Systems, Monitoring Systems, SFX, Playback, Mixing Consoles.

Stage Technology and Operations

Post Production and Editing Techniques

VFX (i.e. glows, explosion)



Location Management

Prop Procurement

Scheduling and Marketing


Health and Safety


Working as Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Deputy Stage Manager.


Stage & Screen education will provide students with transferrable skill sets

Opportunities in careers outside the Stage and Screen industry

Our courses are primarily aimed at Film, T.V. and Theatre however the qualifications and skills students gain are designed to provide experience and  knowledge that can enable an individual to pursue a career in numerous exciting fields of work.


Make-Up, Hair, Costume for TV, Film and Theatre can also lead to work in the Fashion, Media, Beauty, Hairdressing, Bridal, Photography, Advertising and Publishing industries.

Set Design and Set Construction for Film, TV and Theatre Productions. can provide students with the skills required for a trade in designing and building furniture, building and assembling interiors for anything from bars, shops, offices, houses, cruise liners, hotels to large-scale events and construction sites.


Lighting design and associated qualifications not only lead to careers in the Theatre, TV or Film Industry but also concerts, conferences, retail industry (shops, department stores, shopping malls), commercial and domestic properties.


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