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In early January 2023 we had an unannounced visit from OFSTED. This was our New Provider Monitoring Inspection.

In a New Provider Monitoring Inspection, providers are either graded as having made Significant, Reasonable, or Insufficient progress in three key areas (rather than the Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, or Inadequate grades used in a full inspection).

The findings of the Inspection at BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy were as follows:

  • Leadership and management – SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS
  • Quality of education and/or training – SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS
  • Safeguarding – REASONABLE PROGRESS (we were informed by the inspectors that a ‘significant’ judgement is no longer an option in the safeguarding category)

We are all overjoyed with the result!

In the debrief following the inspection, the HMI informed us that the bar for reasonable progress is set very high, and that being graded as having made significant progress is exceptionally rare. He assured us that we are well on track to securing an outstanding grade in our full inspection in 2-years’ time.

The report itself (attached below and available online) makes for very pleasing reading and is full of praise and positive comments about staff, students, and stakeholders.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. Not just those who played a part on the inspection day itself, but to all our students, parents, carers and partners who have put their faith in us and in the academy.

Most importantly we want to thank our students and our teachers. Because ultimately the inspectors came to see if the quality of education in our classrooms, workshops, studios and theatre is of a good standard. They came to see if our students and teachers are as brilliant as we say they are. The verdict – YES!

Well done everyone.