How many places are available?

The academy will offer 200 places to Year 12 students starting in September 2021.


Are there tuition fees?

BOA Stage & Screen Production is a state-funded academy and therefore there are no fees for tuition. 


Can I provide supporting information such as portfolios or videos in my application?

Please do not include such items with your application. To ensure fairness to all applicants, these will not be used as part of the application process nor the aptitude workshop process.


What is the aptitude workshop and group discussion?

If your application form is successful, you will be invited to a practical aptitude workshop and group discussion at BOA in Birmingham.


The workshops are designed to offer applicants the opportunity to demonstrate potential in their chosen creative pathway. No prior experience is required and the test is not academic or merit based. Members of staff are trained to ensure all workshops assess aptitude, which is an individual’s ability to learn and develop proficiency; rather than testing ability.


The group discussion will be a chance for you to show your knowledge of your chosen pathway, ask questions, discuss your inspirations and aspirations, and clarify options. The discussion will not form part of the aptitude evaluation and you will not be scored on it.


How will offers be announced?

All students who attended the aptitude workshops will receive a letter through the post advising whether they have been successful or not.


What happens if I have not been successful?

There will be a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel for unsuccessful applicants. The letter you receive will detail what to do if you wish to appeal. 


How can I find out more?

For more information or general enquiries, please call 0121 359 9300 or email 


Fill out  and submit our online application form


If your application form is successful, you will be invited to a practical aptitude workshop and group discussion. Offers will be made in June 2021.


CALL 0121 359 9300 for more information