The Trust is currently conducting a consultation to gauge support for their intention to enter into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State to establish BOA Stage and Screen Production. This will enable interested parties and stakeholders to ask questions and gain a broader view of the proposal to open the new academy. The consultation period will run up to 14th. December 2020, after which we will report on our findings and conclusions, both to those who have responded and to the Department for Education.


Please specify (for example: a local resident, prospective parent,  headteacher  of a local infant/junior/secondary   school,  local councillor, local business, community, or authority  representative etc.)

Do you support the Trust’s intention to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State to establish BOA Stage and Screen Academy?

Any comments or questions you have about the proposal to set up BOA Stage and Screen Academy. (Where we have your contact details we will respond to questions on an individual basis.)

Please fill out the form below. Alternatively email dave.firman@boa-academy.co.uk or call 07964286138

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BOA Stage & Screen Production is part of the BOA Group and a sister academy to BOA, a 14–19 academy specialising in Creative, Digital and The Performing Arts.